welcome to the weekend review

When the weekend rolls around I take it upon myself to consume as much of the things that I love as possible. I don't particularly see it as taking a break from 'the job' but more a chance to now enjoy all of the stuff that I haven't had a chance to during the week. It sounds like a lame excuse to keep myself from working on weekends, but I value the time I spend relaxing just as much as the time that I spend learning, and I seriously do not subscribe to this 'working 24/7 to prove your hardcore' mentality.

Amongst the things that I do when I get the chance are reading comics, playing videogames, spending time with my family, reading all of the articles that I have Instapaper'd in the week, watching YouTube videos I've put into my Watch Later playlist in the week, and possibly watching a film. The weekend is larger than I often give it credit for, and I get to do a lot.

Something else I do, and I actually do this all throughout the week, is eat a lot of food. I adore weightlifting and actually relish the tracking of my macronutrients and micronutrients as a part of it. I'll no doubt write more about all of the nutritional science behind it in the future as I personally think that it's fascinating.

Sunday's are the day that I choose to exercise a bit of flexibility in my consumption of food and I tend to use a lot of my calories eating less micronutrient-rich foods, such as chocolate and ice cream. Trust me when I tell you that I more than eat enough vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy diet, and I don't want to take the time to explain how important I think it is to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Now that I feel as though I've justified my eating choices, I will move onto the main point of this post. I plan to write up at least one article about something that I enjoyed over the weekend; be it new, old, or a regular thing for me. This could be a film, a TV show, a videogame, a piece of food / meal, a comic, or anything really.

Here's a few pictures of the food that I ate just this Sunday, and then I'll start 'The Weekend Review' properly next week (I don't know if that's what I'll call it). If you're on board with this, I'm grateful, and I look forward to writing for you.