Me Talking About Marco Talking About Vesper

I like Marco Arment, and even if you don't, one of the things that I respect about his personality is that he doesn't allow you not to have an opinion of him. If that opinion is strong dislike, then at least he inspires something in you. I have read his blog;; for a while now and there have undeniably been times where I have disagreed with him. One such time (and I had to find a way to bring this up and reveal myself to be the over-caring internet troll I really am) was his blog post about the Playstation 4 reveal conference. I really don't enjoy people talking like experts about a subject they are completely ignorant on. Glad I got that off my chest.

Recently Marco posted about Vesper, the notes app by the Justice League of well-known Apple-related people; John Gruber, Dave Wiskus and Brent Simmons. The app is expertly developed (I expect nothing less of Brent Simmons), and beautifully designed (that's where Dave Wiskus comes in). John Gruber certainly didn't take a backseat from what I can tell, as it was his idea and much of his direction when into the creation of Vesper.

The reason I specifically mentioned Marco's post is because in it he does that thing where he repeats a statement multiple times, almost like a rallying speech, cue cheer at the end. 'It take balls' is the 'I have a dream' of this post, and it's actually an enjoyable read, which is something that Marco undeniably provides in abundance on his website.

The problem that I have is that I don't think it does take that much balls to do any of the things that he mentioned. This is John Gruber, Brent Simmons, and Dave Wiskus. I would guess that over 95% of the people who bought Vesper in the first week did it on those names alone. Of course, I accept that their 'fame' will not carry them for much longer than a few months at most, but by then the app has certainly paid for itself (it has no recurring server costs) and will already have a good reputation on the App Store. It's the fans of these people that I got it into the Top 10 on the App Store, and from there it can only sell even more.

Marco mention how their price is one of the things that 'took balls', and this brings me on to another personal vexation, charging $4.99 shouldn't be a brave move anyway. Five dollars is bloody cheap for an app, but, yes, this is indeed the world we live in. Regardless, the point is I am more annoyed when people sell their apps for less than what it's worth, and I think that this was more of a sensible decision than one that took courage. As for it taking balls to enter the notes market, small-time developers do it everyday and nobody pats them on the back for having cojones, it's just the app that John wanted to make and it was a decent idea. He has a lot more points, none of which I agree with for the reasons I have mentioned.

Vesper is brilliant, the decisions that they made were cleverly handled, and Q Branch should be proud. Saying that the app didn't take any more bravery than any other well-made app isn't an insult. Every developer that puts a lot of effort and time into their work is risking something, and that's part of why it's all so admirable. Sometimes things just bug me, and rarely, but occasionally, I like to voice those annoyances. I do like the blog Marco, so please don't sell it or anything.


The original post by Marco Arment can be found here.