the mourning of siracusa county

slight over-exaggeration

As I shed the last of the denial clinging on to me like a cancer, I recognise the fact that I must accept the loss of my favourite podcast. Just a mere few days after hearing about the conclusion of one of my other beloved podcasts; Build & Analyze; 5by5 founder and host extraordinaire, Dan Benjamin, released a much welcomed update on the 5by5 network, in which he announced the end to Hypercritical.

Of course, I am not so reliant on these fantastic podcasts as to have been deeply hurt by the news of their demise, however, I definitely am upset. I loved not only hearing these fantastic people converse, but also I will miss the things that I learnt from them. These podcasts were proof that listening to intelligent people speak about almost anything proved to serve up some valuable knowledge.

On top of this, another show that I enjoy; The Totally Rad Show; is also in it's last few days. Perhaps unknowingly this is why I wanted to write this post. It seems a lot of things are coming to a close just as the year itself is rounding out. I'm not religious, nor am I superstitious, and largely I put this down to coincidence. However, as a person who loves understanding the reasons behind actions and events, I would be intrigued to know if there are any other external factors contributing to these three forms of entertainment and their hosts deciding that it is time to bring it all to a climax.

Something that I have taken from all of this is the recognition that I take a lot of what I enjoy for granted. I work a lot, but like anybody, when the weekend arrives I like to try to enjoy it. I usually do this with video games, comic books, or podcasts. If tomorrow DC stopped publishing Batman comics, I would be maybe slightly more surprised, but just as upset. If THQ do go the way I fear they're heading and close down, then perhaps I won't be enjoying Saints Row 4 next year, and selfishly, this too saddens me.

Surely if I am to try to take anything out of all of this, it is that I should learn not to take for granted the things that I love. Throughout life, I have been hit by enough hard events to know that family are never to be unappreciated, as well as the fortunate life I lead in my beautiful home with delicious food in a First World Country. However, for whatever reason I don't think I apply this in it's full extent to the media I consume. I'm just thinking out loud here, but I think I'm going to change that.