the learning / doing dichotomy

I could, and do, spend my whole day studying in an attempt to get my skills to a point where I feel confident taking on a client and knowing that I will be able to develop the app that they want beyond what they imagined it could be. However, I also recognise the fact that completing Objective-C tutorials, and following a PHP book are entirely different froms sitting down to create something with no frame of reference as to where to start, what will be required, and how it will all fit together.

I have read a decent amount about HTML & CSS, and I have followed a few tutorials. I came away feeling confident because, in all honesty, HTML & CSS are easy to understand. What isn't so easy though, is the web-design that this mark-up language and this styling language are used for. Facing a simple task of making a header for a web page, and I found that I simply didn't have the experience to just do it in the way that it should be done.

How do I plan on tackling this problem? By buying another book of course. This may sound counter-intuitive, because I have just explained how reading a book about a thing, and then actually doing the thing are two separate concepts. Regardless, I know that by making my way through this book, simultaneously using what it teaches me to tackle my problems, I will get the experience and confidence I need to finally get this website designed. This is where learning and doing meet beautifully, and so this is what I will take advantage of.