storyboards or .xib files?

So I've been iOS programming for around a month now, which really doesn't sound like that long, but I'm proud of what knowledge I have accrued in that time. One thing I have yet to gain yet is the implicit knowledge of how best to tackle certain things.

The things that is troubling me lately is the choice between storyboards or nib (.xib) files. The conflict in my mind arises when I consider the ease of setting up segues, split view controller, navigation controllers, tab bar controllers, amongst other conveniences when using the storyboards. However, they bring about a lot of bugs, and I find the .xib files just to be so much more reliable.

One big thing though; Marco Arment uses .xib files, and hasn't even learnt storyboards yet. This is pretty much all I needed to know. When there is a man as influential as Marco, making the incredible apps that he makes, using nib files, I feel fine enough just forgetting about storyboards.