Movies That You May Not Have Seen (But Should)

A bold title I know.

I find the most exciting recommendations to be the ones where I didn't even know what the person was talking about. I can't promise that these will be "Movies That Nobody Watched in 2015" because that's ridiculous. Also, not all of these films came out in 2015, but why should that matter? These are going to be good movies that if you haven't already, you should check out.

Blue Ruin

It's rare that a film comes in at under 90 minutes, but when it happens, and when the movie is as good as this, it's always worth checking out. Who has't got an hour and a half to watch an incredible film?

Blue Ruin is pretty dark and I can't lie and say you will finish it feeling elated at the conclusion. However, the acting is fantastic and the story had me very invested; the way the whole thing unfolds is unlike the majority of the media out there. I found it really refreshing to have such a unique experience, and for it to use an appropriate amount of my time in providing it. In the hands of another director I could easily see there being an extra 10 minutes of content which would have only detracted from what was there.

Tim's Vermeer

As a documentary by Penn Jillette, for whom I have a lot of respect, I was already interested. The concept of the documentary only furthered my curiosity, promising the tale of a man; Tim Jenison; who wanted to figure out how a painter named Johannes Vermeer was the best of his time. What was he doing that nobody else could do, and why were his paintings so much better?

He decided that the best way to answer his questions is to paint and see if he can recreate the magic. It doesn't matter that he's has never really painted before, he's on a mission to duplicate one of the best paintings from the 17th Century. You should definitely watch this documentary, it made me want to go out and do something amazing as soon as it ended.


Apparently one dark film was not enough for this list, and this one's even harder to watch. It took me years to finally watch Schindler's List because at no point did I feel like spending 3 hours feeling bad, but for those of you who have watched it I imagine you are happy for having done so. Tyrannosaur is not as difficult as Schindler's List and at less than half the run-time it's not the same sort of commitment to discomfort. There are times when it is worth diving into something not immediately appealing, and I would argue that they can be the most rewarding pieces of entertainment of all.

Tyrannosaur is a beautifully depicted tragedy with a cast whom give it a gravity and reality that makes you really feel it rather than just witness it. It opens hard and makes you hate the guy you're about to spend the next 92 minutes with. Then it expertly shows you the human being behind seemingly inhuman actions, and you genuinely grow to sympathise with him, relate to him, and ultimately hope for him.