Weekend Review - Idle Thumbs


There aren't enough serious looks at the world of podcasting, nor are there enough critical articles about the best and worst podcasts out there. Even Apple's own system isn't particularly brilliant when it comes to allowing you to discover the next show that you'll fall in love with. Personally I see podcasting as a completely valid medium, on par with anything else we would choose to enjoy (books, movies etc.).

The podcast that I wanted to talk about here is 'Idle Thumbs' by four regular hosts; Chris Remo (Double Fine Productions), Jake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman and Nick Breckon (Telltale Games). They have a fairly good summary of the show here, but basically they talk about the week and their opinions occasionally remembering to discuss videogames.

As a developer who practices both app and games development,  I love getting some of the unique perspective of people who are in the studios that make some of our favourite games. These guys are not only insightful, but are funny, and lovely to boot. When they get deep into a tangent of a tangent of a tangent, I inevitably feel as though I want to be in the room with them.

Podcasts are what radio will be when it finally collapses, just as Netflix is what media consumption will be when cable companies realise that the jig is up, or at least in theory. Idle Thumbs is a show that I think anybody with a moderate amount of interest in video games would enjoy, and I'd love to know that I contributed to getting at least one new person listening to it.