Graze - Herby Bread Basket

Graze is one of those companies that just seem friendly. I imagine it’s run by a load of happy hipsters. I have tried a box of theirs once before because they tend to offer your first box free and I’m always down for free food. I remember enjoying it very much, but without a steady income at the time, it wasn’t something I ordered regularly.

A day after my first paid box arriving, I had eaten it all. This definitely isn’t the intended method of consumption, but it worked for me. The first item I’ll quickly review is the herby bread basket.

These things had the texture of bruschetta, and definitely lived up to their ‘herby’ namesake. If nothing else you have to admire how cute the tiny baguette sticks and garlic bread slices look. The odd ones out are the bumpy, darker brown ‘bread’ pieces, both aesthetically and in taste. They were almost sweet and certainly more powerful than the others.

After the box whatever craving I had for a saltier, more savoury snack had dissipated. I am somebody who will always choose sweet food when given options, but I was not unhappy to have tried these. For people who enjoy bruschetta and similar mediterranean snack foods, I think these will be a favourite.

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