game of the year 2012

Due to the fact that I'm just a 19 year old guy who only gets to play games at the weekend because I work pretty damn hard all day, every week day, there aren't many '2012' games that I was able to play. I did manage to play an awful lot of games, but half of them were games released in earlier years.

I've decided that I'll do a Top 5 2012 Games, and then a Top 5 Non-2012 Games which will include games I played this year that weren't released this year. You know what, it was actually really freaking hard deciding.

Max Payne 3.jpg

Top 5 2012 Games

    1. Max Payne 3
    2. Borderlands 2
    3. Journey
    4. Mass Effect 3
    5. The Walking Dead

    That's it... I'm not even going to think about it anymore because bloody hell was that difficult. I didn't even get to mention Darksiders II, or Mark of the Ninja or so many damn good games.


    Top 5 Non-2012 Games

    1. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. Bastion
    3. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition
    4. Saints Row The Third
    5. Uncharted 3

    Uncharted 3 was a bit of a disappointment, but I look back at it fondly. Also, Bastion was amazing, and very nearly ended up as number one. I haven't put SOTC as my favourite non-2012 game just because I want to be a part of the cool club; it's just a bloody amazing game. However, that being said I didn't feel the need to include Ico just because it didn't click with me like it did with everybody else.

    Okay, that's the lists, and I'm seriously satisfied with them. Feel free to tweet me @InfinityJames and tell me what you think.