first icloud experience

I have been following an O 'Reilly book by Alasdair Allan called Learning iOS Programming, amongst the numerous other things I am doing to get a good grasp on iOS development. This book in particular focusses on the use of .xib files, whilst the iTunes U Stanford course I have been following by Paul Hegarty deals exclusively in storyboards. Probably a reason why I had such a difficult time choosing between the two. And for the record, I've opted for .xib files, just because I prefer the heavier use of code.

Anyway, I just completed a very brief section on iCloud, and I have to admit, I bloody love Apple. I could, and probably will, do a whole post on why programming in Xcode is the best development experience I have ever had. This is just another example of how fun it is to run a demo app on my iPad and iPod Touch, and play with it. 

The iCloud chapter was extremely short, and only covered ubiquitous key value stores, but even just doing that, and seeing the syncing between my iOS devices was awesome. I can definitely see myself taking advantage of iCloud in the future. Which makes me consider this; what will I not take advantage of? So much of the API's provided are well documented, beautifully handled, and enticing. Taking that big, beautiful block of marble, and finding the app inside will be a difficult one. However, it will be a task I seriously look forward to making.