Favourite Games of 2018


God of War

God of War is my bet for the game that will most impact the game industry going forward. The idea to make a game as a single continuous story with no breaks may occur to some game designers, but almost everybody would immediately recognise it to be too much trouble. This was not true of Cory Barlog and those around him who, in the face of many seemingly insurmountable challenges along the way, not only achieved this vision but made what many have regarded as the best game of the generation.



As for the the funnest game of 2018 my fight would be unhesitantly for Insomniac's Spider-Man. How it is that they developed a swinging mechanic that immediately makes sense and doesn't get boring even after 20 hours is beyond my comprehension. There was so much love poured into this experience and it easily has any of the Disney Marvel movies beat for a compelling and well told story.

Red Dead Redemption 2


When it comes to the deepest and most immersive game this year I'd have to storngly propose RDR2 because never before have I felt this close to inhabiting another life outside of my reach. No movie, book, TV show, or other game in my knowledge has better approximated the 1900-era America as an outlaw. I simply cannot conjure to mind there a better piece of Western entertainment, nor have I played within a richer or better-crafted world.