Discovering Music

For me, amongst other things, 2015 will be the year that I fell in love with Hip Hop. It started innocently in 2014 with my becoming re-interested in Eminem. However, as with many white men, Eminem was only a gate-way drug into a much bigger world.

Having exhausted Eminem's catalogue I finally got around to downloading Shady XV in January of last year and was given an idea of just how much I was missing. Yeowulf, Royce da 5'9", 50 Cent… so many artists to look into. With my imagination sparked I started looking around to see what else was out there, and then Run the Jewels happened. I can't do a good job of explaining what that music changed for me. I looped RTJ and RTJ2 until the audio files were skipping (no, not really).

The next milestone was first hearing about the Straight Outta Compton movie in February and deciding to check out NWA. Once again here were more artists blowing up my world, leading me to take another step down the road of discovery as I started listening to Death Certificate, Chronic, and then from there, Doggy Style.

As my interests were developing it felt as though the world was daring me to go further because then came Apple Music. I had the majority of the best music in my pocket now and I wanted to hear all of it.

I would now identify music as a passion of mine on the level of video games, comics, and movies. The term people use for people who have a passing like for something in most communities is 'casual', and whilst it's problematic, it would have aptly described my previous feelings on music. I'm so happy that there is this new part of my life now, and I enjoy looking back at how I got here. It happened slowly and naturally, and it ultimately led me to this point now where I am very excited about yet another thing, and being excited about things is maybe my favourite hobby of all.