a week at 22 cans

For this week, or rather, three days of this week, I was fortunate enough to be sat next to the inspirational genius, Peter Molyneux, for a brief internship at 22 Cans. During those three days, I saw some of the most intelligent and creative people I have ever met working away on The Cube, and I have to say I felt honoured.

I said it at the studio, and I'll repeat it here now, games development is a culmination of a bunch of very smart people getting together to make something. Everyone was ridiculously kind to me, and the atmosphere was one of humour and fun. Despite the fact that they were working like mad, the studio remained calm, and I felt really welcome.

Peter Molyneux's idea behind these 22 Experiments scattered over time throughout hugely unconventional games is one of the most intriguing concepts existing in games development today. The Cube is shaping up to be the first of many incredible games. I am hugely looking forward to being able to purchase and play it when it's released.

Not an average week at all, and one that I'll never forget. On Monday it was my birthday, and I was lucky enough to spend it with some of the coolest people I've ever come across. It seems at 19 I've already peaked, but I'll make sure it's still uphill from here.