the progression we live in

Everything around us is a product of the evolution inherent in nature and man-made objects. You are only here as a result of millions of years of refinement. The computer or device on which you are reading this article is simply the bettering of yesterday's technology, all built upon a few inventions which have allowed us humans to create these pieces of what seem like magic.

As I mentioned previously, I have recently become the proud owner of an iPad 3. This incredible tablet was not dreamed up out of thin air, but a culmination in Steve Jobs's mind of what could be done with the electronics, circuitry, and not so amazing battery technology that has been painstakingly created before.

I have very briefly spoken of the beauty to be found in the copying of ideas, and advances in using them in games development, but truth be told this phenomena is persistent in all facets of our life. There is nothing that we use that hasn't existed in a lesser form, even the simple A4 sheet of paper that is still annoyingly present in our day to day was once rougher, or even further back, the trees with which they are made were nothing like they are today.

Recently this remarkable part of our world which we all take for granted has intrigued me more than ever. I have made a real effort to stop and appreciate what I have access to as the result of the legends who lived before me, or the truly fascinating process of natural evolution. Also though, more than ever I want to be one of the brilliant minds whom changes the formula, disturbs the accepted routine, and whom is eventually regarded as one of the great people who didn't just exist in life, but altered it.