it's resolutionary

Since being so lucky as to receive an iPad, the new iPad that is, I have thought about nothing much else. I have un-begrudgingly spent money on apps, a new cover, and magazines. I am not this sort of person to obsess over such a thing, but then again, perhaps I truly am. When I was gifted my very first Macbook I once again found myself enamoured and over-awed. Same with my first iPod Video, or the iPod Touch.

It seems Apple has a hold over me, and I find myself wondering why this company has such an ability to do that. I must admit from the outset, I have once before been rather consumed by a product that was not an Apple product; it was in fact my new gaming PC, which I am using to type this out right now. There was much excitement that came with building my new powerful PC, with the justification (and rightly so) that I needed something more powerful to run these 3D engines I am now using to develop games.

However, Apple products are irrefutably different. The whole process, from buying it to having the item set up exactly how you want it, is a pure joy. I am sat here, with this ridiculously beautiful tablet, and it feels as though I would be happy despite anything else going on. I also know from experience, this high lasts. It doesn't evaporate into mundane normality, but instead it lingers, and whenever you use your iPod, or iPad, or Macbook, you have a sense of pride, and you build a relationship with it.

People who read this and think I'm a fool clearly have never owned an Apple product, because you would almost definitely understand if you had. There may be one or two who never succumbed to the allure of their offerings, but they prove to few and far between. I needn't think about those people, with whom I can relate very little. Instead, I will sit here for a bit longer, absorbing the magnificence of my beautiful; 'new' iPad.