forget about excuses

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be in contact with a hero of mine, all culminating from a presentation I gave about the Armies of Death iOS game. We emailed very briefly before the day, and have been in fairly regular conversation since.

Now; I am incredibly excited to say that I actually have an internship at this legend's new studio. I am purposefully refraining from saying his name, because I am not too sure about how impolite that would be. This internship will unfortunately only be a few days, but considering that I initially planned on only going up to check the studio out, this is a pretty incredible outcome.

He's told me that whilst there, I will be working with Unity. I have never used this engine before, and since hearing about it this morning, I have been messing around with it. I am genuinely impressed with the intuitive nature of the engine, and am looking forward to using it properly. However, I have not been blessed with many years of games development experience, and still consider myself extremely ignorant when it comes to so much in terms of programming. He's told me bluntly that I 'will be thrown in at the deep end'. At first this brought a rather large amount of fear. Not that I wouldn't do well, but that I would disappoint this nameless (but take my word for it; genius) man. 

After a bit of thinking, I've decided that what the hell have I got to lose? I may go there, and achieve nothing. The alternative to that would be to not go at all, and just wonder. I couldn't live with that, and whilst I never doubted the fact that I would be going, I was at one point quite nervous. Nervousness can be such a pointless emotion in my opinion, and in this case, it serves no purpose. I am focusing on the astounding opportunity I've been given, and even if I fail, I will do so in a spectacular fashion. Anonymous individual, here I come.