nutritional ignorance

Ignorance invades our day constantly, it is unavoidable, and I myself confess to being ignorant on many subjects. However, I do not profess to being knowledgeable in things I have not completely researched or made sure I understand. This is how I feel people should approach any topic; because unless you're an expert, do not claim to be.

Food nutrition ignorance is more pervasive and present in modern day society than anything else I have noticed. Worst of all, most people still discuss the topic in a manner which you could very well believe they have studied the subject in detail for many years. I am by no means an expert, but am extremely quick to point out when my knowledge on a particular nutritional matter is lacklustre or non-existent.

Most frustrating of all is how sensitive a topic food can occasionally prove to be. Dare I ever suggest that something a person believes is wrong, and present evidence to prove my statements, they will very quickly become either aggressive, completely defensive, or both. People refuse to believe that sugar is not evil, they refuse to believe that when a single meal has the same macronutrient profile as 6 separate meals, there is no metabolic advantage to the 6 meals. They just completely deny anything I tell them, because they have determined they know more than me, and apparently than the scientists who do these in-depth studies on human biology.

This is definitely a rant, and one I feel the need to have sheerly because this ridiculous attitude must change. Go off, learn about macronutrients, micronutrients, and the benefits to even a small amount of weight lifting, and then reflect on just how ignorant you were. Also, maybe say sorry to the guy you told was lying, because trust me when I say he's pretty pissed off at the moment.