james valaitis

app & games developer, passionate gamer, comic book reader, animation lover, aspiring weight lifter


Whilst these 'About' things are difficult, I'd usually never shy away from an opportunity to talk about something that I enjoy; and I rather enjoy the topic of myself.

I'm 20 now, and I was fortunate enough to know for the past 4 years exactly what I wanted to do. Software development and the world surrounding it is as exciting to me as a new Pixar movie or Valve game. The community that has come out of this appreciation for quality products and what Apple is doing is unlike any other I have been even slightly a part of and I only hope to become more a recognisable guy within in it as time goes on.

I've worked in a few programming languages already, but the dynamic and ever-improving nature of Objective-C is currently unrivalled in my eyes. The frameworks surrounding iOS app development and the love & effort so clearly put into Cocoa / Cocoa Touch inspires me to do my best work every day.

There are many other things I'd like to write about, and I could spend a few thousand words on, but I'll save it for my blog. I recognise how young I am, but my motivation to keep learning is what has got me through so much and it's what I imagine will help me throughout my life. I have much to experience, but what I have already been through has made me more mature a person than perhaps the average young adult. It's not all been Disneyland and new Gameboys, but now that I'm through it I wouldn't redo any of it.

Everyone tells you that not many people get to do what they love as a job, and so I guess I got really lucky.