We're All Criminals

Human beings are so great at either ignoring reality, or bending it to make themselves feel better. The truth of it is, the majority of people whom own a computer steal things regularly. Even as I write this I find myself having to constantly fight the urge to feel that to steal a digital item is far more forgivable than walking into a shop and stealing a physical item.
What compounds this feeling is that it is different, because when you steal a DVD there is one less copy of that DVD. When you stream or download a movie, you haven't necessarily taken something from the world. The problem with this line of thinking is that you are looking at it in regard to what you have taken from other potential customers, rather than what you have taken from the creator. In both scenarios you are stealing from the person or persons who made the content you are now enjoying. Why is that not enough for us to realise its a crime?

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Movies That You May Not Have Seen (But Should)

A bold title I know.

I find the most exciting recommendations to be the ones where I didn't even know what the person was talking about. I can't promise that these will be "Movies That Nobody Watched in 2015" because that's ridiculous. Also, not all of these films came out in 2015, but why should that matter? These are going to be good movies that if you haven't already, you should check out.

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Ending the Diet

A month ago I finished dieting. After 13 weeks I lost 4.5kg and dropped from roughly 17% body fat to 12% body fat. I define this as a success. I did it by reducing my calories, keeping protein quite high, and taking measurements every day, averaging it out at the end of the week, and adjusting the calories appropriately. 

I say that 'I did this', but in reality it was my coach, Izzy Narvaez. However, nobody needs a coach to make this work. Losing weight is as simple and reducing calories (most sensibly by lowering carbs, and also fat if necessary), and monitoring weight loss to know how you should adjust the calories going forward.

Pictures of me:

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